Monday, June 6, 2011

SUMMER MELTDOWN SALE on Mobile Forensics

SUMMER MELTDOWN SALE on Mobile Forensics with FLAT RATE "NEED TO KNOW" Investigative Services!

We are offereing Summer Meltdown Discounted FLAT RATE "NEED TO KNOW" assistance with Mobile Digital Forensics & Data Recovery Services can assist you in RECOVERING LOST & DELETED TEXT MESSAGES, PHOTOS from Cellular phones, Smart Phones, iPhones, iPods & GPS Devices!

* This data may include, but is not limited to depending on model:
> Deleted files
> Screen Capturing
> Text Messages
> Emails
> Contact Information
> Call Histories
> Calender Entries
> Pictures
> Internet History

The following are the current specials:

FR1: SIM Chip Recovery $150.00... NOW $99.00

FR2: Cell Phone Review $175.00... NOW $125.00

FR3: Cell Text or Pic Recovery $300.00... NOW $250.00

FR4: Deleted Text or Pic Recovery $500.00... NOW $299.00

FR5: Cell Phone Backup(Logical) $250.00... NOW $199.00

FR6: Cell Phone Imaging(Physical) $300.00... NOW $250.00

FR7: Apple iPhone SPYWARE Check $175.00... NOW $125.00

FR8: Android based SPYWARE Check $200.00... NOW $149.00

**Note: "Special Flat Rate" pricing listed here are to provide information for basic "Need To Know" issues and are not intended to replace “Full Forensic Analysis”.

FR9: Cell Phone Forensics $1300.00-$1500.00...NOW $1200.00 - $1400.00

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