Saturday, June 25, 2011

BEWARE... Email Re-Directs & Spoofing!

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So, the last time you logged into your personal web mail account, did you notice the URL?

Having it bookmarked doesn't mean it's the one you intended...

Did you know (without cheating) that redirects you to ?

Or that even a GoDaddy (Very Popular) email like redirects the user to ?

What if you tried to login to your normal email and it went to (or whatever applies to your emails hosting server)... Would you notice?

A most popular choice is Google Mail.

Did you know that Google's redirects you to

That is quite the URL!

So, I would bet that nobody would notice if it was slightly different, assuming the page looked the same.
Recently, this actually happened proving that even one of the biggest internet companies in the world can fall victim to determined hackers.

Google's email service was chosen for a 'phishing' scam.

Phishing is a type of attack where the hackers steal usernames and passwords from unsuspecting users by using a different login page that looks like the one you think you're on, only the fake web page captures your credentials and then redirects you to the real site.
Then, the hackers can access your account unknowingly to you and read through your every email.

Read more about phishing on wikipedia at Wikipedia on Phishing or any Tech News website.

Wikipedia Link:

The attack seemed to have targeted US government officials in an attempt to gather Google trade secrets and government information in light of the recent battle Google has had with the Chinese government. As stated in the article, all affected users have been contacted, but even the biggest, most trusted names on the internet are open to attacks.

Therefore, be mindful of the sites you're visiting and pay attention to the URLs and where you're being redirected.

With the internet being so open and everyone sharing their information online, it's easy to be a victim of an attack.

You might not be a government official, but I bet you have bank statements, family functions, and even information about other accounts in your inbox...

Be sure to read more about the Google phishing scam / attack!

Yahoo News Link:

Be Safe!


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